Firewithin was started when people were asking for personal coaching from the founder, Chris Castillo.

In response to the demand for personal coaching, Chris launched Firewithin in 2007.

Since that time, the Firewithin Coaching Program & Seminar was implemented in Ottawa, Vancouver and in Cree communities located in Quebec.

Our Philosophy

Our core belief is that within everyone, there is a fire. For some, the Firewithin burns brightly and strongly while for others, it burns dimly and isn't as strong.

Our Philosophy can be summed up in the following 5 phrases:

1. Take Action

2. Live an Inspired Life

3. Time is of the essence

4. Live life to the fullest

5. Kaizen: Continuous Improvement

Our Values

The following are the Firewithin Values:

1. Take Action

2. Live life with Passion

3. Time is of the essence

4. Live Life to the Fullest

5. Continuous Improvement

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