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Firewithin® is that inner fire, passion or "fire in the belly" that gives us an intense desire or motive to achieve great things in life and to live life to the fullest. And with that Firewithin® burning brightly, you can live an inspired life and gain the courage to pursue your dreams, goals and aspirations.

We are here to provide education, coaching, support and accountability to help you live life with passion, to be bold in your endeavours and have the mindset, tools and strategies to make it a winning life.

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  • Dave D’Aoust

    "An incredible program that will definitely help you move forward in your life.”

  • Cathy Stalter

    "During our talk, Anu enlightened me to things and areas I have not looked at before.

    Along with the Firewithin Coaching Program, and her support, I now feel a sense of hope for my future.

    Thank you so much!"

  • Takako Ingram

    "I was questioning the purpose of my life and my passion when I saw an ad for the Firewithin Workshop.

    So I immediately signed. Chris was excellent at getting our thinking going and explaining the steps he will take to go through the Firewithin journey."

  • Lucia Eyzaguirre

    "I loved my experience with FireWithin Coaching!

    Before coaching, I felt like I’d lost my spark and was meandering along without any real idea of what my goals or dreams were.

    Coaching helped me remember where my passions lay and kept me accountable to my goals, so I’m back on the path towards a life that’s a joy to live.

    Thank you Julie Vaillancourt for all of your help!"

  • Hicham Kahlouche

    The Firewithin Seminar was amazing! Thank you so much!

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Husam's Story of Clarity & Boldness

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